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Order Hormone Testing at Orlando Labs

The cost of healthcare continually goes up. Even with insurance, the costs associated with ageing and chronic illness can overwhelm a family’s budget. One way to reduce healthcare expenses is to order hormone testing at Orlando labs before seeing the doctor. In order to take responsibility for this and other healthcare needs, it is essential to learn about the types of hormone testing and their usefulness.

Hormone Test Types
Whether for diagnosis of infertility, hair loss, fatigue, prostate problems or age-related issues, a hormone test is generally recommended. Based on the results, doctors have a much better basis for prescribing effective treatments. However, the choice of test is important for reducing out-of-pocket costs. The following three lab tests are representative of the larger group of tests.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone that is believed responsible for the ageing process. Infants and teenagers have the greatest amounts, and total counts decline slowly after the age of 20. IGF-1 is a pre-cursor to HGH and recognized as a reliable marker. IGF-1 tests are relatively inexpensive and capable of showing whether a condition might be related to loss of this essential hormone for youth.

A number of sexual dysfunctions in males may be related to decline of testosterone. Too much of this hormone could also exacerbate development or increase risk of certain types of cancer. A testosterone test can help pinpoint and treat the problem behind erectile dysfunction, male baldness, infertility and other common problems.

Thyroid Profiles
An over-active or under-active thyroid gland is believed to be at the heart of many chronic diseases. Researchers believe over 60 million Americans suffer from this undiagnosed problem that may result in heart disease, hair loss, infertility and sexual dysfunction, and obesity. Several levels of thyroid testing are available from Health Testing Centers.

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VigRX Plus the Best Solution for Men’s Sexual Problems

All men and women definitely want to experience the most amazing sexual pleasure in their relationship. However in fact not all couples can have complete sexual satisfaction and in most cases men commonly are blamed for unable to deliver the sexual satisfaction to the women. This is due to the fact that there are many men having problems with their sexual stamina and sometimes with their penis. It’s either because the men have smaller penis, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation problems. Those are known as the most common sexual problems that happen in many cases that lead into disharmony relationship. Many times such sexual problems remain unsolved even until the men and women are end up in breakup. Actually there are some solutions to such problems since there are already many medication drugs that can solve such men’s sexual problems.

Indeed there are many sexual enhancement products that claim to be able to solve such men’s main sexual problems however it doesn’t mean that all men should believe to all those enhancement products since in fact many of the sexual enhancement products fail to deliver the excellent results. Some of those sexual enhancement products may not even be safety for men and have leave them with some side effects instead. At this situation you can rely on VigRX Plus which is known as the most effective penile enhancement product that can solve the men’s sexual problems.

VigRX Plus actually the second product or the advanced version of the previous VigRX that has successfully hit the market because of its high efficacy to solve the sexual problems for men. What makes VigRX Plus different than the previous VigRX and other male enhancement products is that VigRX Plus comes with Bioperine that works to deliver the nutrition through the bloodstream so the nutrition can be distributed to the heart, liver more efficiently. VigRX Plus has a unique formulation that comes from natural ingredients and that’s also the reason why VigRX also known to be safety for anyone.

The natural ingredients used in VigRX Plus include red ginseng which is clinically proven to help enhancing the sexual function, endurance and stamina. VigRX Plus also contains saw palmetto berry which already has the reputation as the aphrodisiacs and sexual stimulants as well. Ginko Biloba is widely known to improve the focus and memory and mental clarity but actually that’s not the only use of Ginko Biloba since it also works significantly to improve sexual function as well and this is the reason why VigRX Plus also contains Ginko Biloba as well. Epimedium leaf extract also used in VigRX Plus because it works to increase the blood flow to the male’s penis wich is important to create a very strong erection.

VigRX Plus however will work effectively when it’s combined with enhancement exercises and techniques like jogging. You’ll be able to see some enhancement guides and use in conjunction with the VigRX Plus to obtain the maximum results. Learn more about the vigrx plus results you can achieve in this video.

How to Deal with a Receding Hairline

A receding hairline can affect both men and women.  The first stages of baldness occur as the hair follicles in front of the hairline begin to stop maturing and producing healthy hairs.  There are ways that you can be effective at stopping or even recovering from this.  Here are a few truths and myths about things you can do to stop a receding hairline:

  • Truth –Androgenic alopecia or pattern hair loss is often gradual and if often thought to be genetic in nature or hormone changes.  One of the most important things that should be done to reverse the hair loss is to first understand the underlying cause.  For many the underlying cause is often tied to a variety of hormone levels.  By running thyroid and other tests the hormones in question can be determined and with supplements help to stop or reverse the hair loss process.
  • Myth – For many with the first stages of balding, Propecia is a recommended drug to reverse the effects.  While Propecia can work well for some areas of hair loss, Propecia doesn’t work on a receding hair line.  Propecia is used to disrupt some of the hormones that are responsible for disturbing hair follicles and has had proven results in areas of hair re-growth.  However, these areas are often along the crown of the head and not typical receding hairline locations.
  • Truth – Taking essential vitamins and minerals as well as adding amino acid supplements is one method to stop a receding hair line.  When taken consistently these amino acids can help to wake up your hair follicles, increase blood flow to the scalp, and encourage hair growth.
  • Myth –Minoxidil is often prescribed for those experiencing hair loss.  However, Minoxidil doesn’t work for a receding hair line.  While Minoxidil is a great topical medication that is often used to support hair growth, it has shown to be more effective in other areas of the head than the front hairline.  Minoxidil must be used consistently and applied at least twice daily to achieve the desired hair growth effects.

As you learn more about the various causes of hair loss, you can begin to watch for symptoms.  The sooner you notice your hair thinning and begin to take action the better results you will find with any of the products you decide to use.  Taking care of or correcting problems as they first appear is the best way to avoid going bald and reverse the effects of hair loss in the early stages.