Does Sildenafil Citrate Work For Women?

Nowadays, it is not only men who can benefit from Viagra but also women as studies suggest. Women having problems with sexual arousal can benefit from using this pharmacological innovation. According to research, approximately 42 percent of women who took Viagra reported increased satisfaction in sexual intercourse and foreplay as compared to 28 percent who only took the placebo. Moreover, 57 percent of women treated with Viagra reported enhanced sensation in the genital area during sexual intercourse.
Causes of Lack of Sexual Desire Among Women
Before understanding the probable benefit of Viagra on women, it is best to discuss first the causes of women’s lack of sexual desire. The factors may be psychological or physical in nature. Usually, women who lack sexual desire may have issues with their hormones or a sexual trauma. The following is a list of the probable causes for women’s lack of sexual desire:
• Depression – one of the most common reasons for lack of sexual desire among women is depression. Adding to this cause is the medication for depression, which can also halt sexual desire among women.
• Sexual Trauma – childhood or adolescent experience of sexual abuse may lead to lack of sexual drive in the future especially if the perpetrator is within the family or someone close to the victim.
• Hormonal Imbalance – lack of testosterone hormone can play a part in lack of sexual desire among women. The probable cause of low testosterone is an underlying endocrine disorder.
What Is Sildenfail Citrate?
Sold as Sildenafil Citrate, this drug has a generic name of Sildenafil citrate and used for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension and erectile dysfunction. Primarily, it acts on vasodilating the smooth muscles thereby increasing blood flow to the spongy penile tissue. This will then cause an erection. Nonetheless, without sexual stimulation, it will not cause an erection. On the other hand, studies concerning women and the use of Viagra promises good results. This drug seemed to work miracles on women with sexual arousal issues and resulted to unsatisfied sex lives. Women who have normal hormone levels that enjoyed sex before are good candidates for taking this drug.
Will SIldenafil Citrate Work for Women?
Studies and conclusions on Viagra for women are contrasting. In 2004, Pfizer studied 3,000 women and showed that Viagra can be very effective among women who are using antidepressants. Two-thirds of this clinical participant population showedincreased blood flow to genital and helped in releasing secretions and sexual arousal in order to reach an orgasm. Hence, the major effect of it on women is to increase their sexual function especially those who have lost interest in sex or lacked sex drive due to antidepressant medication.
Can Viagra Work on Women with Lack of Sexual Libido?
Generally, most studies do not approve of this conclusion. The causes of decreased sexual arousal in women vary and can come from psychological and organic factors. Unlike men, women cannot solely depend on a single drug for their sexual problems. Nonetheless, the future of Sildenafil for women is just beginning. Many studies have proven the use Sildenafil Citrate to be effective in some cases of lack of sexual desire, which can be a foundation for it to be an effective treatment among women with lack of sexual desire.

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