Get The Benefits of Juicing

 Get The Benefits of Juicing

It’s amazing what juicing is for my body. Fade age, the wrinkles disappear, the weight is reduced, the attitude and energy of the child appear. These are just some of the benefits of juicing.

I learned long ago that the negative effects of “aging” is not simply due to aging, is mainly caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body for a longer time and more. And if you just clean up all the garbage that you will be absolutely amazed at the results and how you feel.

I started working fruit juices and vegetables in 1970 and continued on and off, because then you get the benefits of juicing.

Not only juicing, but juice fasting. Fast is the place where you can do nothing but fresh fruit, raw vegetables or.

At first, I would only live a few days only, raw juices. Over time, I added more and more days.

Then I discovered that the first days were the hardest, and the more I went was easy, I lost more weight (about a pound a day), I had more energy and felt better, I gradually worked my way up to a month days or more.

My previous three fasting for 39 days.

Now before you try to do a juice fast, make sure and get a good book on the subject and study it, then you do it right. Because if you do it wrong, it will add an aging, wrinkles, and even worse diseases. So, do it right or not do it at all.

Over the decades I’ve said three times, three different people, I was like a child in my face. I was more than 40 years for this moment.

It is very easy when you’re hungry, just to go back and forth in the juicer and juice away.

It’s amazing how just one cup of raw fresh juice can really fill you up and satisfy you. It is all of these enzymes, or what I call “life force”, and tens of thousands of phytonutrients only to fully satisfy your body because it provides exactly what the body needs, food wise. And when your stomach shrinks and hunger disappears after about four days, you will lose the will to “fill”, and swelling more equal pleasure.

Benefits of juicing are exceptional and great! However, there are some problems with juice. It may cost a bit to buy all the fresh fruits and vegetables. Then there is the preparation and the mess after being cleaned, not to mention disassemble and clean the juicer and time again.

But all worth it, with a new energy, a clear mind and a great attitude along with a more youthful appearance and abilities.

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