How To Lose Weight and Still Eat Chocolate

Chocolate How To Lose Weight and Still Eat Chocolate

If you are a fan of chocolate, but the desire to lose weight, there are ways to keep the calories to ruin your diet. Eat the right kinds of chocolate, eat the correct portion size, and of course, eat a balanced diet. Try these tips on for size to lose weight, and do not neglect your sweet tooth.

How to choose the right chocolate:

1) Enjoy dark chocolate – Dark chocolate is good for your heart and overall health. Antioxidants and flavonoids of plants to improve blood vessel function and may prevent clogged arteries. If you want something sweet, choose dark chocolate.

2) Take a cup of cocoa – Cocoa is an ingredient that makes dark chocolate so healthy. Enjoying a cup of unsweetened chocolate in your favorite milk is another great way to get the chocolate flavor you crave without a lot of calories or fat.

3) Take some calorie-free chocolate-flavored products – Chew on some sugarless hard candies that are chocolate flavored. This little treat will help you not feel deprived and prevent the demolition of their diet.

4) Stay away from milk chocolate and white chocolate – White chocolate has no cocoa and milk chocolate has a lot of girl than a darker version. Dark chocolate has more nutrition. You can be a fan of chocolate, but remember the darker the chocolate the best chocolate you can eat.

Portion Control

1) Always plan ahead – do not enjoy it more than once per day. If you want some brownies after dinner, and then go out for ice cream in the office. If you had a chocolate croissant for breakfast, and then eat fruit for dessert.

2) Do not eat in a hurry – Enjoy food by savoring each bite and sat down. You will realize when you’re full of a lot easier to eat slower.

3) Share your desserts – Restaurants serve large portions. If they ask for two spoons of dessert to share with whom you are dining with Everyone wins with this scenario.

4) Buy a single truffle – a lot of candy stores, bakeries and grocery stores sell individual pieces. A cookie only if you are tempted to buy a whole box.

Most importantly, eat a balanced diet

1) Count your calories – 03:30 One ounces of chocolate, which contains 480 calories. You eat some calories and quickly accumulate. Dark chocolate is healthy, but it has very few calories, and eat it in moderation.

2) Eat dark chocolate instead of sweets – A simple plan to eat chocolate instead of less nutritious desserts and snacks. Hershey Kisses pair is much less calories than a bag of chips. Eating a little chocolate treat, as part of your daily routine, you will be motivated to continue eating complex carbohydrates, lean meats and fruits and vegetables to make a balanced diet.

3) Exercise, exercise, exercise – Combine a healthy diet with regular exercise. Regular aerobic is one of the best ways to lose weight safely. Go for a walk or ride a bike. Look for different opportunities to stay active.

As long as you choose the dark chocolate, your candy may actually be good for your health. Remember moderation and enjoy a bit of chocolate every day without gaining any extra weight. Chocolate lovers unite with chocolate aisle and get healthy sweet treat.

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