Order Hormone Testing at Orlando Labs

The cost of healthcare continually goes up. Even with insurance, the costs associated with ageing and chronic illness can overwhelm a family’s budget. One way to reduce healthcare expenses is to order hormone testing at Orlando labs before seeing the doctor. In order to take responsibility for this and other healthcare needs, it is essential to learn about the types of hormone testing and their usefulness.

Hormone Test Types
Whether for diagnosis of infertility, hair loss, fatigue, prostate problems or age-related issues, a hormone test is generally recommended. Based on the results, doctors have a much better basis for prescribing effective treatments. However, the choice of test is important for reducing out-of-pocket costs. The following three lab tests are representative of the larger group of tests.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone that is believed responsible for the ageing process. Infants and teenagers have the greatest amounts, and total counts decline slowly after the age of 20. IGF-1 is a pre-cursor to HGH and recognized as a reliable marker. IGF-1 tests are relatively inexpensive and capable of showing whether a condition might be related to loss of this essential hormone for youth.

A number of sexual dysfunctions in males may be related to decline of testosterone. Too much of this hormone could also exacerbate development or increase risk of certain types of cancer. A testosterone test can help pinpoint and treat the problem behind erectile dysfunction, male baldness, infertility and other common problems.

Thyroid Profiles
An over-active or under-active thyroid gland is believed to be at the heart of many chronic diseases. Researchers believe over 60 million Americans suffer from this undiagnosed problem that may result in heart disease, hair loss, infertility and sexual dysfunction, and obesity. Several levels of thyroid testing are available from Health Testing Centers.

Ruling Out Diseases
Without the proper testing, doctors are left to diagnose and treat based on clinical observation and patient reporting of symptoms. Insurance will often not pay for advanced diagnostic testing or repeated testing. Individuals order hormone testing at Orlando labs to save money and prevent the potential side effects of unnecessary medications.

Menopause, for instance, is easily detected and classified with the appropriate test. This helps by eliminating worries that strange symptoms are due to some other cause. The same goes for symptoms associated with natural declines in hormone levels due to ageing. More information reduces fears associated with these symptoms and provides more effective options.

Traditional healthcare required doctors to think creatively. That’s still necessary at times, but advanced testing has brought a more rigorous scientific approach to the profession. Patients can order hormone testing at Orlando labs for the best in privacy and accurate results.

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