Healthy Juicing

Find Out About The True Benefits of Juicing


This information is written from the point of view of a truly personal. I started juicing about 15 years. Back then, I was an entrepreneur and chief executive, limited mainly to the desks. I weighed 200 pounds (30 kg) and not eating properly. Then I came across a report on the health benefits obtained from juice.

I ended up buying a machine juice out television commercials. I got my juice “experiment” to see if I could really lose weight, get more energy and feel better overall. I was very skeptical about this temptation “squeezing”. To my surprise, it actually worked.

After stretching for three months I lost 33 pounds, had more energy and generally felt great. I must admit I did not increase exercise routine, join a gym, or any amendment, including occasional drink beer and whiskey. I just juiced breakfast and lunch and started eating dinner “normal.”

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I’ll Drink My Vegetables. Beets, Aloe, Lemon And I’ll Tell You Why …

vegetable juices

I’ll drink my vegetables. Beets, aloe, lemon and, oh my! And I’ll tell you why …

The very definition of health, according to reliable sources, such as Gray’s Anatomy (the book serves as the basis for the entire medical community, not the TV show) and Webster dictionary is: the ability to function at 100% physically, mentally and socially. Thus, health is our ability to function. Health is not about the symptoms, it’s about how well our body does for us. It would also be logical, therefore, that health is not available on prescription bottles, it comes to what is happening inside.

I am known to say, “Food is fuel” – like gasoline in our cars. That’s what makes our bodies run to the cellular level. When eating / drinking, our body breaks down the food, the nutrients used as building blocks for our cells, and waste treatment. What these important cells even do? Glad I asked … They can promote repair tissue health and acts as an incredible machine, or … They can destroy health is damaged and disease ridden. So, what to eat / drink is really important.

The typical American diet is seriously lacking in nutrients and quality. One of my favorite ways to make large amounts of macro-nutrients in vegetables for juicing body! Juicing can reduce the risk of cancer, boost the immune system, eliminate toxins from the body, improves digestion and helps you lose weight. Sounds good does not it?

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