Juicing Diet

Find Out About The True Benefits of Juicing


This information is written from the point of view of a truly personal. I started juicing about 15 years. Back then, I was an entrepreneur and chief executive, limited mainly to the desks. I weighed 200 pounds (30 kg) and not eating properly. Then I came across a report on the health benefits obtained from juice.

I ended up buying a machine juice out television commercials. I got my juice “experiment” to see if I could really lose weight, get more energy and feel better overall. I was very skeptical about this temptation “squeezing”. To my surprise, it actually worked.

After stretching for three months I lost 33 pounds, had more energy and generally felt great. I must admit I did not increase exercise routine, join a gym, or any amendment, including occasional drink beer and whiskey. I just juiced breakfast and lunch and started eating dinner “normal.”

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