Ayurveda Can Really Be Known As The Key To Health and Rejuvenation


Ayurveda can really be known as the key to health and rejuvenation.

It’s composed of two words – ‘Ayur’ + ‘Veda’, where ‘Ayur “means life in Sanskrit knowledge and’ Veda ‘meaning, Ayurveda embodies the” science of life “as indicating a healthy life-style, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

It’s regarded by scientists as one of many oldest therapeutic science within the world.

In response to Ayurvedic beliefs, everything was ‘One’ in the beginning, when ‘Om’ was declared the primary sound. It is a vibration that resulted make this sound that led to the creation of 5 parts air, ether (or area), fire, earth and water. After which, these five parts, the whole lot else within the universe was created.

So, the entire basis of Ayurveda remedy is that it is comprised of all the identical single unit. At the heart of ayurvedic therapy philosophy is the concept that the body is a microcosm of the universe, with three universal energy that governs: Vata (air), pitta (hearth) and kapha (earth).

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