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Most people have heard at some point or another, “soda is terrible for you,” but the question is: why are they bad?

If you are like me, who has been criticized and told that “something bad” is not necessarily going to stop me from doing so. I have to wonder why they are always alternatives and options to help make the transition easier

So, firstly because “soda is bad”:

Diet and regular soft drinks were both associated with obesity kidney damage, and certain cancers. Soft drinks are also associated with high blood pressure. Drinks are seen as a major contributor to the obesity crisis and, in some ways, it’s no surprise. Soda is relatively inexpensive, and they are usually wrong in admitting that “low calorie” items (which obviously are not, especially when some soft drinks intake).

Many reviews have shown that obese children and adults consume more sugary drinks than normal weight children and adults, and several studies suggest that taller people drank sugar-sweetened beverages more likely to become obese. And what follows is a place where not only sodas, sugary products, but take it to the next stage: the sweetest beverages you consume, the more food you usually eat. Why? Due to the “ups and downs” of sugar from soft drinks and the amount of caffeine. The highly refined and sugary foods (and drinks), you often perform for 10 to 15 minutes before you are looking for a snack again … or other beverages with caffeine or sweets. Treat lean protein and complex carbohydrates can keep you over three hours!

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