The Drinks Can Cause Bloating

 The Drinks Can Cause Bloating

You know what’s funny is that when it comes to bloating, most people (even doctors) blame only consume solid foods, and completely ignore the current drinks are the property throughout the day! Keep in mind that the amount of liquid to blame for their current situation as a solid food, so only worth watching what kind of liquid you drink in a given day. Do any of these?

First Milk: Yes, milk is the main culprit behind inflation. In fact, if you do a reality check, then the milk should be consumed only in most infants and toddlers, adults should not consume milk. Have you noticed an adult animal sucking his / her mother’s womb? No, is not it? The fact is that as they age, their level of lactose tolerance decreases gradually. In other words, if you drink milk, even when you’re in your early 20, then you have no one to blame except you – for a bloated belly!

And you thought that animals are stupid, right? Think again!

Milk is bad enough, but if you drink sweetened milk mixed with chocolate, then God save you for introducing dual combination of sugar and lactose in the stomach (both agents IBS)!

According Fruit: If you are lazy or busy guy, which certainly buy processed fruit juices market, instead of cutting and cooking vegetables natural. You might think it does not matter, because the fruit juices contain all the necessary nutrients in the original fruit – after all, the production company would have to believe so. However, the truth is that a fruit passes through the filtration process, the majority of their nutrients are lost, and what remains is ultimately fatal combination of sugar and water. I’ve mentioned in this article that is sugar bad for your stomach if you do not want to be attacked by IBS / acid reflux, then stay away from processed fruit juices!

3 Tea and coffee: tea variety particularly strong, black, maybe too strong for the stomach to digest! Why? Since they contain high doses of caffeine, which stimulates the over-and irritates the delicate lining of your stomach. For the same reason, the coffee is a big no-no, except caffeine, coffee is also rich in substances stronger than mess with your digestion process, damage the colon and cause intestinal cramps! Among the varieties of coffee, instant coffee is even worse for the stomach than coffee, which is produced, of course!

4 Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages: Do you drink alcohol? Heck, even the good old beer is a great criminal, not only because they can cause gas and bloating, but also because it can cause food intolerance in humans (due to residues of yeast and wheat – things that most people do not tolerate very well) and disrupt your digestion!

Champagne is often used during the celebration / festive season! However, the fact remains that they are “happy bubbles of French wine will make you a little unhappy after -! Causing indigestion and flatulence bottom line, if you do not want to spoil the fun happy with your fart, then maybe you should avoid as much as possible Champagne!

In fact, when you drink wine, that literally put poison in your stomach. Your stomach can not tolerate any drink “hard” strong, and that can be harder and stronger than wine? Because of the way it is done wine (from fermented grape juice), and also the amount of sulfites (a preservative used to interrupt the fermentation of wine more) contains not only can introduce acid and swelling in the abdomen but also cause food allergies!

If you drink alcohol, chances are that you will also need soda very often. Soda is another major cause behind the stomach gas and bloating, and why not? After all, it contains everything you need to make a mess of your digestive process: sugar (fructose), chemical additives, artificial sweeteners (they are worse than sugar), and a lot of caffeine! And if you thought that a diet soda will be fine, think again!

You have too many energy drinks? So certainly you’re dead in the water! Energy drinks contain high concentration of sugar (carbohydrate) and caffeine can” offer much needed energy, which would be all good if it does not cause stomach bloating and stomach gas later! As you can see, this “energy” comes at a great price! For the same reason, regular soft drinks are also a big no-no!

Now, I do not think I have to ask you to avoid Diet Coke, right?

I do not know if I’ve mentioned, but if you already have a yeast infection called candidiasis, then it will only get worse after eating sugar (fructose), anyway, because sugar is food that Candia really need to grow and mature within your body!

As you can see, there are many so called “healthy” and “energy” drinks that are not so healthy for you after all, so how about jumping into the water is good and clean instead? If you want to ensure proper digestion of food and live a happy life free from stomach bloating, water is the perfect cure you!

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