The Reasons Why Collagen Protein is Important

Healthy body is actually what maters most for our lives. We can maintain our healthy body as long as we have enough sleeps and live our healthy habits. Most importantly we also need to eat healthy foods as well. There are many foods containing nutrition that may help to shape our healthy stamina and body. Vitamins, carbohydrate, proteins and others are needed for our body development. Among them all protein really does a great job for our body.

The Collagen Protein is very important to support our connective tissues and organs in our body such as connecting the skin tissues, cartilage and bones. There are several forms and types of collagen and each of them has different functions to others. The collagen type I is the one that commonly found in our body and it works 80% to support and develop 80skin tissues. This type of collagen is very helpful to protect the skin against the physical trauma that may possible resulting skin damages. The collagen type II is commonly found in hyaline cartilage while the collagen type III is commonly found in intestines, stomach and blood vessels. The collagen IV can be found mainly in the basement membrane that works to separate the epithelium to the connective tissues.

We certainly need the supplement for the collagen protein to create healthier body like creating healthier bones. We can achieve it if we choose the supplement product that has combined the collagen protein and vitamin D with the silica. Silica is helpful to develop the ligaments and tendons as well as creating the cartilage which is needed for the joint health. It’s not too difficult to find these types of supplement product since they’re available in the market. Make your search carefully and learn each detail to find the one that fits with your need.

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