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The diet of the Virgin is a new book weight loss health and fitness expert JJ Virgin.

JJ is a well known fitness trainer and nutrition expert, and published a best-selling health books and previous weight loss. However, from what I know about the diet of the Virgin and the author’s philosophy on diet and exercise, I predict that this book will become an instant classic of the genre.

The premise of this book is that many of us who deal with weight and health challenges in several actually sabotaged the food we eat. For you see, many of us suffer from food intolerance, and while it may not even be aware of these intolerances, our bodies feel the effect of certain foods, like us, if you drink a dose of poison.

Unfortunately, many of the foods we eat is poisonous. And it’s not because they are bad foods. It simply means that our bodies are not equipped to deal with certain foods.

For example, I’m lactose intolerant. If I eat a bowl of cereal with cold milk, in an hour I will be suffering from gastro-intestinal stress. For some reason, my body is able to metabolize and digest the proteins in milk.

JJ Chemistry and explains the causes of food intolerances in my book, so I’ll leave that to her. However, a brief explanation is that the amino acids and enzymes used to digest the proteins and other food plays an important role in the way the body uses and stores fat.

How JJ explains in his book, many of us suffer from food intolerance, and may be able to dramatically improve our health and weight loss efforts, simply removing a handful of foods from our diet. And if you think about your diet, you will realize that you probably eat 5-7 different meals on a regular basis.

And as JJ suggests dietary Virgin, there is a good chance that one or more of these foods you eat regularly, it may be the culprit causing health problems and weight gain.

Cure for food intolerances is to identify the foods that cause the problem, and then making a conscious effort to eliminate foods from the menu. If you can do both, you can lose weight, according to JJ, can see significant improvement in your health and energy levels.

I’m “all in” Virgin in the diet, and I hope that you think of as food intolerance can affect your health and weight loss efforts.

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