Things You Need to Know about the Health Insurance in the UK

We all know the all citizens live in the UK is covered by free heath care provided by the National Health Service. However due to the increasing ageing population and global economic recession the UK government will cut the budget for the National Health Service which also means that it will also impact the budget for health care services for all citizens. This is the reason why many UK residents start to look for private health insurance to cover their healthcare costs. Unfortunately there are still many UK residents who have no idea on how the private health insurance works and this article can perhaps be helpful.

Not All Insurance Policies are Equal

Basically the coverage you’re received is depended highly on the premium that you pay for the private insurance company. For instance, you pay a certain amount of money for insurance premium that covers the diagnostic test fee but the consultation fee isn’t included in the coverage. If you choose more comprehensive policy then you’ll get more coverage of course sometimes added with extra costs.

The National Health Insurance Remains Required

We all know that accidents or urgent situations can happen at unpredictable time but unfortunately the private health insurance commonly doesn’t cover the health costs at emergency cases. This is why we still need the National Health Service. We can get helps from the accidents and emergency department of National Health Service office.

The National Health Service Doesn’t Cover Everything

The National Health Service only covers the costs for main health treatments so it doesn’t cover the recovery costs unless it has been included in the underwriting policy. There are actually there are two underwriting policy types which the difference of both is determined on the disclosure of the medical history.

Health Insurance is Expensive but You Can Make It Cheaper

The private health insurance can be very expensive especially in the UK that’s why the health insurance UK is known as the second highest around Europe. However there are tips to make it cheaper.

You can wait for six weeks – If the National Health Service provides you treatments within six weeks then you won’t need your private health insurance but if not then your policy will cover it for you.

Choose few hospitals only – You can get cheaper policy if you choose only few hospitals. You can get even cheaper y excluding the London hospital.

Online Shopping – you can maximize the insurance comparison site or finding a reliable broker to find the health insurance quotes that fit with you.

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