Three Signs You Need to Visit the Dentist

There are two types of people in the world: those who will still have teeth when they’re older, and those who won’t. Luckily, you can largely determine which of those groups you belong to. Some time and effort spent taking care of your teeth now can save you a lot of teeth and money later.

Here are some indications that it’s time to visit the dentist:

1. It’s been a year or more since you last visited the dentist (or you don’t remember when the last time you saw a dentist was). You don’t always need a blaring toothache to visit the dentist. A preventive care visit can help identify and correct problems before they turn into dental disasters. Parents are usually pretty good about getting their kids to the dentist regularly, but when those kids grow up and move out, it’s very easy for them to stop going to the dentist without really even thinking about it. It’s easy to put off making an appointment to have your teeth and gums looked at—much easier than it is to fix those teeth a few years down the road once they’ve started to decay. If you’ve fallen off the twice-a-year appointment pattern, do yourself a favor and start it up again now.

2. Your gums frequently bleed after brushing. Just because you’re brushing and flossing daily doesn’t mean everything’s automatically okay in your mouth. Even with regular home care, tooth decay and gum disease can creep in and initiate problems that will only grow with time. If your gums bleed regularly after brushing, this could be a sign of substantial infection building up in your gums, the kind of gum disease primarily responsible for tooth loss. That’s right: the health of your gums is every bit as important as the condition of your teeth when it comes to avoiding being left toothless years down the road.

3. Your teeth are painfully sensitive to heat or cold. A little pain in your teeth now can mean that major, mind-breaking tooth agony is on its way. If you’ve ever had a real toothache, the kind that ends up needing a root canal to fix, you can testify that it’s something nobody ever wants to experience. Well, a bit of pain in your teeth when you drink something cold can be an indication of the early stages of major tooth decay. Avoid the major pain later by taking care of the minor pain now. Look up the dentists in Madison, WI, (or your area), and make an appointment. Professionals like Oak Park Dental are ready to help you keep your teeth for years to come.

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