Why Might Teeth Turn Black?

A common occurence in the world of teeth is a discoloration that is off of what people might consider a “normal” color for teeth. These discolorations are very normal, but what might not be so common is when teeth go from a white-ish shade to an almost black hue. This absence of color from a tooth may often mean that the tooth is literally rotting inside the mouth. In children the darkening of the tooth may occur, this could be because they bumped or injured their baby teeth. Since baby teeth were not made to last the darkening may happen at a rapid pace. Occasionally the darkening of the tooth may mean that not enough blood is going to that area and there is a chance that it could go back to its original color. With children, however, if the tooth remains dark often no action is needed, as the tooth will eventually be replaced by a healthy one.

“Rotting”, which is more commonly known as an advanced stage of tooth decay, it most often occurs when bacteria in your mouth make an acid that eats away at teeth. If not properly treated tooth decay could lead to infection, loss of a tooth, and almost certainly will cause pain. When bacteria (plaque) feeds on sugars contained within the food you eat, they make acids. As resilient as teeth may be eventually the acid will destroy tooth enamel which results in tooth decay.

The best way to prevent tooth decay is regular flossing and brushing of the teeth. Obtaining a toothbrush with soft bristles and gently brushing the teeth is important, as brushing too hard can slowly wear away tooth enamel. Nature also supplies ways of keeping our teeth healthy, such as eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Obstaining from tobacco of an form, coffee, and food or drink with an abundance of sugars will greatly help your fight against tooth decay.

If your tooth has already experienced a fair amount of tooth decay there are other options in regaining some confidence with that smile of yours. The work done by dentist in Cincinnati have technologically advanced at a rapid pace these last few years. What before was thought of as impossible is now being done a daily basis. Whether it be veneers or dental implants, asking a specialist of dental implants in Cincinnati is a harmless way to take the first step on the road to tooth recovery.

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